What kind of person steals bikes from homeless women? The Bicycle Tree very generously donated bicycles to WISEPlace and found a sturdy bike rack for us. For many of our residents, a bicycle is their only means of transportation. We arrived to find the bicycles stolen! We know you will help us turn this day of disappointment into a day of joy. Please support our iheartoc campaign which runs until noon today. Make a donation.

Your gift makes an immediate positive impact on homeless women in our county. 


Moving Women to Independence

WISEPlace Mission
WISEPlace transforms lives! We inspire, support and empower women to become positive contributors to the community.

WISEPlace is a community of housing and hope for women in crisis. Formerly the South Orange County YWCA, WISEPlace has an 90 year history of caring for local women, children and families. By meeting basic needs such as housing, clothing, physical and emotional nourishment, as well as vocational and life skills training, the WISEPlace Hotel for Women is one of the few places homeless women can go to begin again. 

For thousands of women, the commitment to change a life filled with abuse comes by completing an emergency treatment for victims of domestic violence, or drug or alcohol addiction. At WISEPlace, these women benefit from the "Steps to Independence" program, which provides support services such as individual counseling, resume writing, interviewing support, affordable housing assistance and more. This program also serves women who have survived a traumatic experience or devastating financial reversal.       

To be a teenager without a family, a home or career training is no way to start a new life. Yet for the countless number of 18 year-old women that are emancipated from Orange County foster homes every year, there are few choices. The Steps to Independence program added First Step, a program designed to address the special needs of former foster care children. The program provides life skills and mentoring, along with affordable housing,  clothing, counseling, employment development, scholarships for college tuition, books, and more.

Through Senior Step, women who are over age 55 and without shelter obtain the means to manage on their own by providing solutions to the health and income-related challenges facing older homeless women. These include assistance with securing adequate healthcare, employment development, transportation services and more. The goal of the Senior Step program is to assist women in creating a secure lifestyle for the future.

To meet our Steps to Independence eligibility criteria, program participants must be employable, drug and alcohol free, aged 18 or over, and living as a single woman striving for a stronger sense of self and independence. Applicants may contact our Program Manager for intake interviews.

WISEPlace is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.

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A Community of Housing and Hope for Women