Impact-Changing Lives

Amy’s Story

Amy* came to our program after years of suffering from domestic violence. She had not worked in many years, but dreamed of working with animals. Within the first 30 days in our program she found employment at an animal hospital. While in the “Steps” program she worked with her case manager to set goals and developed the confidence to believe she could reach them. After a short time at the animal hospital, her employer enrolled her in a technical training program so she could develop a career in this field. She bought her own small used car before graduation and moved into an apartment upon graduation from WISEPlace.

Karen’s Story

Karen* endured abuse at the hands of her parents and siblings for years. When she finally found the courage to leave that household, she entered a new relationship that was also abusive. Breaking the cycle of abuse is difficult and it took several more years before Karen was really ready; when she was – she came straight to WISEPlace. She knew about our services because her older sister had been a successful resident, graduating a few years earlier. After being here for four months, Karen is thriving. She is a full-time student at a local University, works part-time and is developing healthy friendships.

Dorothy’s Story

Dorothy* came into our program when she was 62 years old. She was on the verge of being homeless because her niece stole her house, her car and all of her belongings from her under the “guise” of helping her with her affairs.” While in our program, our

staff helped Dorothy find affordable senior housing and begin legal proceedings against her niece. Since she graduated from the program, Dorothy has gotten her car back and is hopeful about getting back the rest of her belongings.

Sherry’s Story

At 21, Sherry* finally found the courage to flee the physical and emotional abuse she suffered at the hands of her parents and siblings. Her brother physically assaulted her, but she was expected to just “take it and not fight back.” While in our program,

Sherry landed her first full- time job and learned how to manage her own money. Sherry continues to work full-time and is studying to be a pharmacist. She now dreams of receiving a medical degree.

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